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Diagram No.2, a Pie Chart represents the occupational structure of the head of the households..Diagrams play an important role in statistical data presentation. Hence graphic presentation is more effective and result oriented Module 6: Unit 3 Data representation59 In a bar graph or bar-line graph the height of the bar or line is proportional to the frequency. Mode of a frequency distribution can be known graphically with the help of histogram (True/False) MODULE - 6 Collection and Presentation of Data Notes Presentation and Analysis of Data in Economics 34 5. Limitations of diagrammatic presentation: 1. While the Histogram is a Two-dimensional diagram, the bar diagram is a One-dimensional diagram These versatile forms of expression are altogether diagrammatic in character and range from presenting Corporacion E G Sa De Cv numeric evidence via graphical data visualizations to semiotically complex, data-rich narratives (Mitchell, 1981). A graphical representation is a visual display of data and statistical results PRESENTATION OF DATA 1.1 INTRODUCTION Once data has been collected, it has to be classified and organised in such a way that it becomes easily readable and interpretable, that is, converted to information. Lecture #2 Click to edit Master subtitle style Tabulation, Graphical and Diagrammatic presentation of data. Diagrammatic presentation of data is just an approximation of the actual behaviour of the variables. The orderly or systematic presentation of Numerical Data in rows and columns designed to clarify the problem under consideration and to facilitate the comparison between the figures. • It will attract the attention of a large. Multiple iii. (a) Ungrouped data (b) Grouped data (c) Discrete frequency distribution (d) Arrayed data MCQ http://schulz-moden.de/1984-essay-freedom No 2.20 The grouped data are called: (a) Primary data (b) Secondary data (c) Raw data (d) Difficult to tell MCQ No 2.21 A series of data with exclusive classes along with the corresponding frequencies is called:.  A diagram is a visual form for presentation of statistical data, highlighting their basic facts and relationship. Case Study Earned Value Analysis

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Its main purpose is to display quantities in the form of bars. Resume Cover Letter Samples Electrician General Rules for Graphical Representation of Data. Frequency Polygon (5). The primary data can be collected by the following five methods. Diagrammatic presentation of data.. Combination of Tables and Graphs. To illustrate the method…. Diagrammatic presenta-tion of data translates quite effectively the highly abstract ideas contained in numbers into more concrete and easily comprehensible form A method for providing a query-based diagrammatic presentation of data includes generating a filter element that defines a set of groups and includes a set of declarative queries that define information to be included in the set of groups. Further, the quantitative data can be classified as discrete or continuous data. Identify and present all the data-collection methods you used, https://www.hotel-christel.fr/stargirl-characterization-essay and clearly explain the steps taken to carry out each method…. We can use another way of diagrammatical representation of data. J.

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Hotel Receptionist Resume Cover Letter Diagrammatic Presentation of data. A group of related fields is generally called a data file 1. Ø A common and simple method of graphical representation of data Ø Bar diagram is a chart that presents grouped data with rectangular bars Ø Each rectangular bar represents a class Ø Height of the bar is proportional to the magnitude of the item in the class. IN SUMMARY The aim of data presentation is to give an accurate summary of data. A data model is the diagrammatic representation of a database that clearly defines a database's _____, _____ and _____. (True/False) Answer: False. Anyone can prepare, anyone can understand.  Anti Virus Essay It is readily intelligible …. Clarke, R. Diagrams create a lasting impression on the minds of observers. demonstrate good practice in data presentation and shall be rigorous in presenting results that are fair and honest.

Or Mention the uses of diagrammatic /graphical presentation, or How diagrams and graphs are useful in representing statistical data? Identify and present all the data-collection methods you used, and clearly explain the steps taken to carry out each method…. Diagrams are attractive. To Simplify The Data. 4. It is a messy, ambiguous, time-consuming, creative, and fascinating process. Frequency tables are useful methods of presenting data; they do, however, have their limitations. This is the third method of presenting data. Diagrammatic Presentation of Data. LINE GRAPH – most useful in displaying data that changes continuously over time. DIAGRAMMATIC PRESENTATION OF DATA It is a geometric technique of presenting numerical information through bar diagram, pie diagram, pictogram or cartogram is know as a diagrammatic presentation of data.

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